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 Real Talk Lifestyle is a talk show broadcasted from R-Place studios hosted by Rob and Sara  we have 20 years experience in the lifestyle, Join us as we discuss anything and everything to do with the lifestyle, Swingers, Clubs, Do's and Don'ts and everything in between in todays world. Don't know where to start out or even how to do it? Tune in each Monday at 8 p.m. central  as we give you the tools and knowledge. Keeping it Classy and Sexy all at the same time. Education and Knowledge is power.  Send in your questions to to be answered on the show. podcast.


Here is the audio format listed below NSFW Warning. ​Or you can watch the videos via YouTube by clicking here Real Talk LIfestyle live episodes every Monday at 8 pm tune in and interact live via chat be sure to click subscribe so you don't miss an episode.

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